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Help humanity to survive against an alien conqueror race! 

This game is a space action/shooter/keyboard-only game with a lot o action. Yes, this game has an ending, it's not an infinite game. It's a small but fun game. 

You have two "resources" in this game:

=> Shield (the blue bar below your ship) - if you lose all your shield... bye-bye.

=> Energy (the yellow bar below your ship) - recharge over time and it's used to shoot, increase speed, and recharge shields. You need to balance the consumption of the shield because without it you can't shoot, recharge shields, and dodge enemy attacks (with increase thrust).

=> "A" and "D" -- used to rotate de ship;
=> "W" -- increase speed of the ship - consumes energy;
=> "S" -- recharge shield - consumes energy;
=> Up arrow -- shoot with your turret cannon - consumes energy;
=> Let and Right Arrow -- rotate the turret;
=> Down arrow -- lock or unlock turret to rotate with the ship;

=> Enter to start/Pause the game.

Sprites made by Tatermand (https://opengameart.org/users/tatermand).

Music made by Tallbeard Studios (https://tallbeard.itch.io/

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I had making and testing it.

Made withPixiJS
Tags2D, ctjs, Space


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interesting control