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Hi everyone!

This is my submission for Weekly Game Jam - Week 49. It was fun to create this game, but I wish to had more time to spend.

It was created in a rush, I couldn't test propertly and coudn't do the proper polish, like animations when the necromancy power activate, a proper introduction for the game, like a brief history, etc. I didn't have time to create sounds for this game :( 

So, the history is:

You are the wizard of a small town and the town is invaded by demons. You are not the best hope. You are the ONLY hope. Knights don't have the knowledge and willpower to face those demons, and the town can't wait for help. 

You must enter the demons realm and kill them all!

There are nine levels filled with dangerous enemies.

Each time you end a level, you acquire a random power:

=> Arcane armor: +1 life

=> Magic Shield: +1 life

=> Shade: a magic entity that follow your path and shoot with you

=> Time mastery: The enemies and their shots move and shoot slower

=> Haste: You move and shoot faster

=> Power Overwhelming: Your magic bolts are stronger

=> Illusion: when you are hit, there is a chance to not receive damage

=> Necromancy: When an enemy is killed, there is a chance that he will come back to life at your side.

Have fun!

Install instructions

Just open the zip and run the exe.


Into the Abyss.zip 1 MB


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Need sounds & music.