Hello and Welcome!

This is a top down shooter game that I made for the "The Fresh Game Jam - Week #4". But I didn't want to create a regular TDS, so I made one that don't use mouse, only keyboard.


WASD for movement

Left and Right arrow to rotate

Up arrow to fire

Down arrow to reload

"Q" and "E" to adjust rotation speed.

"Enter" to pause game

First I tried to make the camera rotate with the character, but the game become dizzy. So I changed and the character will rotate.

This game was made with ct.js (https://ctjs.rocks/).

Sprites made by Tatermand (https://opengameart.org/users/tatermand)

Music made by Tallbeard Studios (https://tallbeard.itch.io/)

Have fun and tell me what you thought about this game.

Made withPixiJS
Tags2D, Arcade, ctjs, Top down shooter


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This game was was fun, once I understood the controls.

Found another bug, if you run straight into a group of enemies then back off there is a chance they will become stuck

Thanks. Tomorrow I Will adress these bugs.

Hello again. As you are giving feedback, whats is your opinion on add some features to the game?

I thought of:

1) The player could move faster when running forward and slowed when backwards;

2) Add another player character to chose, like sniper - high damage, piercing bullets, but with a smaller clip and fire rate;

3) Add aim by mouse (but leep the rotation speed), so the player can choose one or other input for aiming

I like all the ideas but the first one feels like it will make the game too hard, a gun system would be cool as you level up but aim by mouse kinda deletes the specialty of the game. I think a bunch better idea is allow us to change the sensitivity of the arrow key rotation. 

What kind of level up are you thinking about? And about the rotation speed I am thinking on adjust with mouse wheel while playing.

And describe what you thought about a weapon system, please.

So, create a weapon system where as you get a higher score you could for example get a sniper, the camera zooms out but it has low fire rate, then maybe a pistol, short range and damage but allows you to move fast

Nice ideas. I will create a test version for this changes. When I have something playable, I let you know. 

I updated the game. Added another character class, added rotation speed adjustment and a few other minor things. I will add another class (scout) and some new enemies.

Game gets bugged after wave 14, no more enemies spawn

I'll check that. Thanks for the report

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I really don't know what happen when you played. I checked the code, tested the game... Reached wave 20 without problems more than once...


Figured it out, your map is too big and enemies can't move to me for like 10 minutes

I will greatly increase enemy speed when far away of the player to solve this problem.

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The enemies always spawn close to the player, because the map  is infinite. While testing, I haven't any problems like you, but this problem will happen depending on player play style. 

I will fix it.